Best Apphi Alternative?

In the past, i have used Apphi to schedule all of my posts mainly because i loved how easy it was to browse Instagram in the app find content and repost it and it would just be added to the queue and follow the set schedule.

However, that luxury ended a while ago and from what iv seen there isn’t a good alternative.

Iv used socinator, Jarvee and others in the past and well i don’t really want to go down that route just to schdule posts. I have considered Later, Buffer etc however most of them don’t post directly and just give you a reminder.

Iv seen FollowPlanner mentioned a few times however i am wondering if it is any good? I also think Tailwind looks good however not sure if that auto posts or just gives me a reminder?

Thanks in advanced!

Have you tried Facebook Creator Studio? It’s free too

If you don’t mind, please let me know what was the issue with Jarvee? It’s very simple to schedule your posts with Jarvee. It doesn’t just remind you, but it posts for you automatically.

I am using Jarvee for scheduling posts and it works for me. What issues you’ve had with Jarvee?

Try preview app. It made as a mobile application and desktop browser version. Personally, I’m using it just like for a grid design, but it has a built-in feature to schedule posts
Link -

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Jarvee has a very smooth way to set campaigns and posts.

First of all, you will need to make a destination list, a destination list is where your accounts will share your posts (you can select your Instagram accounts). Here’s a full tutorial on how to do that:

After that you will need to set up a campaign, a campaign will start sharing your posts into your destination list. Here’s a full tutorial on how to do that:

After adding them to the post list you can start your campaign and the publishing should be made.