Best automation tool right now except JARVEE?


You can use Jarvee without a VPS, just run it on your pc :slight_smile:
But if you really don’t want to use it, Followliker is a nice tool too.


whats the difference?


Features, stability and support at the least.


Why no need for proxy?


If you just need 1 account to grow, you can use your home ip. Even better!



Sure, but if you setup a AWS with Jarvee how would you use your homeip?

Thank your for taking the time to reply.


You can use the ip of AWS. But if the account is very important, then go for a 4$ mobile proxy. You will be safer then the AWS ip.


I might be asking the question the wrong way.

If you setup jarvee (no proxies) would it then use the ip from the computer its setup on?
I had the idea that went through jarvee somehow.

Ex. I start Jarvee from home, just start it on 2 accounts.
Would that then mean that those 2 accounts actually would have a “residental” ip (my home ip)




Correct again.


Wow thank you.

I have really complicated things for myself.

You sir, rock.


No prob. We love to help new users!

Just shoot the questions(after using the search function;) ) so we can help.