Best automation tool right now except JARVEE?


Hey guys, i’m new here. What is the best automation tool for f/uf and posting right now except jarvee? What do you recommend for growing personal niche account?





he asked someting else then Jarvee @ian :wink:

i would advice to try Jarvee.



That was my point :sunglasses: There is nothing better





I feel like jarvee is good if you are growing multiple accounts. I need to grow only one account. Jarvee + vps + proxy cost for one account is too much. Instazood is 10$ is there something better?


GMT2 can be alternative, cheaper than jarvee, but you lose a lot of cool functions. It’s just a bit more work on hand for some things.


JARVEE is best Imo


If you are only running 1 account, you do not need a VPS or proxy. Proxies and a VPS are for when you are running a farm of accounts.


There is no better than Jarvee –
if your dead set against it, it really doesn’t matter what else you get, they all simply fall short of being called that ‘best.’ cause they all do the same things – same risks as any other one.Bots are tools – how u use it, is depending on your budget and goals.

With that said – the best support of any of them is Jarvee, InstaDub comes a far second behind. GMt2 is okay…but bug ridden and feature poor.


I can see why a proxy wouldn’t be needed with just one account, but I think a VPS is still necessary so you don’t need to leave your computer on and connected to the internet 24/7.

Fought the idea of a VPS for 2 years because I thought it would be complicated. There were weeks upon weeks wasted when the internet was down, laptop battery had died, or I was traveling. I always die inside a little bit when I think of the lost growth potential–as I was able to follow 1.5-2k daily back then :joy:


What do you think of instazood or gramulizer2?


I,and others above me, told you how good Jarvee is.

If you just want some random followers, you can use the very limited tools you are mentioning. But you will get the same quality as buying fake ones.

Why dont use jarvee?


If you don’t want to afford 40$, are you sure that you are on the right path?

Why bother growing an account that is not worth 40$ per month long term?



Ok, agree. Thank you.


about the vps you can use this one 12 months free by amazon
up to 3 accounts no more than that , no need to use a proxy now you only need the bot :sunglasses:


if you just want to grow one account i can help you with that :sunglasses:


i have been using Something else for my clients and its doing great job. i highly recommend you to try it out

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If you are really strapped for cash and want to get something going right away while you make your decision, use Combin and get the free plan


I’m using followplanner until I make decent income to switch over to jarvee