Best automation tool right now?

Hi guys I’m pretty new to this forum & also Instagram automation tools I only came across them 6 months ago (Wich is when they all started to get shut down I think) what is the best way to grow your Instagram account these days as there’s so many websites out there that claim they can do so but most of them seem like they can’t supply what they say on there website if there just complete scams full stop. My engagement has dropped drastically and my trust score is not good for some reason if anyone can point me in the right direction that would be great wether it’s a new service out there or wether to do it my self (SOMEHOW) what’s the best option without being out of my depth ?

I would say doing ads will have better result than bots right now, as long as your ads are effective and measured

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Yeah but I don’t really want to promote an ad on all my posts maybe just 1 or two Wich are worth promoting. Ig sucks right now for growing

hey, I personally am using the mobile app of IGBees bot. but it only has an Android app. its a simulator of human behavior using the Instagram app itself. you just set the targets and limits and it starts to work just like you are working on the Instagram app.
but the only problem it has is that you can not use your phone while it is working. I run it 4 5 times a day for about 20 minutes so that works for me, hope it helps you too

My hand actually.

Your hand is This suposed to be a cocky smarmy reply?

Thanks for your sensible reply :slight_smile: I’m on iPhone so this won’t work for me but I’ll keep that in mind
And thanks again :slight_smile:

right hand or? :thinking:

It’s best to use your left hand whilst it’s numb after sitting on it for a while - it’ll seem someone else is doing it. :rofl:You can multitask. :grin:


Right always.

ads are good if you want to genarate traffic outside of instagram (websites,landingpage…) but far less impact (in my opinion than botting) , automation have been always the best thing for growth on social media

can you run it on bluestacks? android emulator on PC?

Now this is my personal opinion.
If any automation tool was supposed to work, I would say JV would be one of them. The team behind it are experienced. But right now regardless of who is saying what, things are slow on automation tools, even on JV and i don’t care if people claims anything else as it is proven that many try to convince they are doing flawless and act as hungry dogs just to abuse the situation and steal costumers.

  1. Automation is doable, but needs testing and patients, and you need to tweak all the time to adjust.
  2. Manual growth seems to work very well, but does not come with flexibility.
  3. IG ads is another option, but good cash and skills are needed.
  4. Give aways and decent planning is also a way to go.
  5. Shoutouts are very popular in these hard moments and combined with give aways they can do magics.
  6. The last but the very best option, and I believe the only option that will help you survive on the long run will be CONTENT. Content is simply king.
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I haven’t tried that so to be honest I don’t know. but I guess there shouldn’t be any problem, its like Instagram app running.