Best converting CALLS TO ACTION for following?!

Hey guys,

I am right now writing am spintax for my satellite accounts channeling followers to my main account.
During this process I was wondering what would probably the best converting message…

Right now I have messages like this:

  • If you like this feed you must love my personal account @mainaccount

  • My personal account @mainaccount goes private in a couple of days… Make sure to give it a follow before it is too late

  • Can’t believe you are not following my main account @mainaccount

  • Looking for daily stories in the XYZ-niche? Check our my main for the sickest XYZ stories

  • As @mainaccount I am managing this feature account. It would be awesome if you could check out my main…

  • Feature account of this months is @mainaccount. Make sure to check him out

What do you guys think makes people extremely curious and will lead to a better conversion?

Looking forward to you view on this :slight_smile:


I would suggest going CTA 101 - give them a good reason to do the action you need them to.

“My personal accounts” carries little to no value.

“For the best / most engaging / unique / whatever videos make sure to follow X” is a lot better.

Putting a real reason + making sure you deliver on the promise + a tad of creativity would work best.

You are in the niche, think of what would make YOU click!


This is the only one I like. The other ones don’t tell you why you should follow @mainaccount, they just say “go follow/can’t believe you’re not following” my main account. You should give them a reason to follow.

*Edit Mojo beat me to it lol.


My current plan is a variation of below.

Hey username! How’s it going? I just got a notification that you liked my profile :blush: I think you have an awesome account! You should follow @MainAccount - I think you’d love their feed.

Does this have a strong enough call to action?


I am in the travel niche so would something like this be better @MojoJojo?

Gathering unique insights traveling 50+ countries in the last 10 years I love to help people finding the best spots in the world!
For guaranteed free travel tipps or help planning your next adventure contact/hit up my personal account @MainAccount.

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Too complicated and the order is reversed :slight_smile:

Try this:

Get my proven travel tips and hacks from having visited 50+ countries in the last 10 years --> @mainaccount

Short, simple, clear promise, some proof with numbers.


Thanks a lot :slight_smile:️:pray:t3:

Hint: People like free stuff

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I use simple stuff.

‘ follow @accountname for more’

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