Best converting types of productes/niches?

Hi, I just joined this forum but I’m amazed with the level of knowledge of fellow members.

This thread could help a lot members like me who are stuck with instagram accounts and have a decent number of following but don’t really know how to structure it properly

Im fairly good with jarvee, running about 35 accs but I don’t know how I would monetize it,

I know I might get flammed by OG members but i have to ask and since you guys are killin’ the game.

Cheap products vs Expensive
Trending items vs Niche
Psyhicall items vs Online

Would you guys suggest something, im fairly experienced with shopify, wordpress, and building funnels but to get high quality from instagram is kinda hard!

Thanks a lot guys :slight_smile:

What you want to sell or get your followers to do really depends on your size, your influence, niche, etc.

Some ways to monetise are:

  • Selling your own product (product, e-book, a service, etc)
  • Become and affiliate
  • Create an email list of people interested in a niche and use that
  • Work with brands / sponsored posts
  • Selling shoutouts
  • Run other people’s account
  • Promote your own website

Creating email lists might be a good idea no matter what path you choose. There are many different websites if you want to get into shutouts, working with brand or doing affiliate.

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Thanks @Doozy i was wondering what works better cheap or expensive products, trending items or niche, Psyhicall items vs Online. or not to sell anything at all, spam cpa giveaways, what works today?

I have to admit I do not have much experience selling stuff online so I can’t give you the exact answer, but the immediate thought I have in my head is does it really matter? You give your followers what they’re interested in. If you have a hardcore fitness following with a strong relation to your account, you already know what type of products they’re interested in and what they will be inclined to buy.

I listed many options because whatever option you choose have to be tailored exactly to your audience, niche, their trust in your accounts, etc.

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