Best country to live in/ work in for digital nomads?

Where in your opinion is the best place to work, if your full time job is running an instagram marketing agency? (or anything digital)
Where you can find that ultimate mix between nice weather, good food, low taxes and other important factors?
I guess we have many people here earning 10-20k $ a month, anyone found a place where you don’t need to pay 50% taxes while the weather/ overall life conditions are ok?
I wanted to move to Switzerland because of insane business opportunities, relatively high product prices (that I would sell) and good life conditions, but the taxes and living cost are insane.


Go to Bali and enjoy

Yes, I am actually curious about this too. I heard Philippines because everything is dirt cheap but the only downside is that the women aren’t attractive :frowning:

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Yeah the taxes there are absolutely nuts.
You can always register a company in a country like HK and live somewhere else.

Yeah but then income tax would be for the country you live in at least.

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yeah, you can’t avoid that I think, unless moving to another country every 6 months. Which I guess is a bit trying.

Mexico City is great. Rent is cheap the food is bomb. And there’s plenty of entertainment.

Miami Beach… sun fun . sole proprietorship. tons of hotels restaurants and every corner has a dozen influencers. weather…


Live and work in Dubai
As far as I know, You can potentially earn your salary 100% free of taxes if you are tax resident in the emirate and have no other obligation to any other state for the payment of tax on foreign earned and sourced income.
And the standards there are sky high

All that in Dubai is a thing of the past, they just introduced VAT and already raised it, more taxes yet to come. There is an economical crisis going on over there, although it’s pretty clear that they won’t admit that. Check how much properties went down recently.
Plus there is a seriously strict law and you would never obtain citizenship.


It’s true. Over 50% loss in property value since 2013.

I think this depends on your priorities really. Most of Europe is good if you have a good accountant and know how to avoid as much tax as possible, avoiding the German speaking countries due to super strict laws…

Asia is the cheapest if you are happy to live there and put up with the culture.

Not really sure if there’s the ‘best’ place existing…


South of Europe is great

Where are most of your clients / where are you trying to grow?

I’ve been pretty much everywhere. While Bali is my favorite, my sleep schedule was out of whack as most of my clients are in the US and would often work through the night and sleep during the day. It was terrible for my productivity.

For me, Buenos Aires is best overall. It’s cheap, safer than most of the rest of Latin America, and is a world class city, and I can still run my business on normal hours. I’m also 1-2 hours ahead of the east coast and can sleep later, work later, and not rush through breakfast before starting my day. I’m living like a king here - staying in a 4-star hotel and eating out every night at nice restaurants without thinking about costs. Whereas in Europe or in the US, I’d have to budget still.

Check out NomadList. Only you can discover where in the world is best for you.


The citizenship part of it I was aware of. But gotta admit, I wasn’t aware that their economy is like you described atm. Shocking!
I got 2 friends who moved to dubai recently, and they haven’t mentioned a word about this. But are the citizens free of paying taxes or are they in the tax and vat program too?

I just did a quick search and I found this for 2019

“The Emirates don’t levy any personal tax or capital tax. It’s true for both UAE citizens and expats. As a result, there is no special taxation regime for expat workers in the UAE as they are treated the same way as citizens when it comes to personal or capital income tax”

Income Tax in Dubai

The zero income tax policy in Dubai won’t be changed in the foreseeable future.

Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, the Vice-President and Prime Minister of the UAE and the Ruler of Dubai stated that his country would never adopt an income tax as a way to tackle the deficit.

My country would never adopt an income tax as a way to tackle the deficit. My reply is: No income taxes.

Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum

This means that it is unlikely that tax will ever be levied on an individual’s income in Dubai.

But if you say they are introducing it, I gotta take your word for it.

Okay this is what you do.

Get a bank account in dubai, Open payoneer . Get payments through there . No matter where you travel or live you’ll pay 0% tax.

Move to thailand, with $2k per month you’ll live like a king in thailand. :wink: other south asian countries are also beautifull and cheap AF !

I’m moving to Antalya/Bodrum for cheap living and great food/entertainment. Also the scenery is bonus.


Turkey is always a hit!
Great people, nice hospitality. Now it used to be cheap, but seems like the prices aren’t that cheap anymore.
But great cities your are going to. I remember you said you knew the language. That is cok guzal :grin::ok_hand:

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Bali/Thailand for good massages ;D!

I am planning go test out Thailand for 1 month in the near future as cost of living here is too damn high! I could live like a happy bloke in Asia but here I am have to work like a horse to afford a cup of coffee a day ;D

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It really depends on what hours you need to work!

Thailand was perfect for me, I worked an hour or so in the morning and 2-3 in the evening.
I spent 3 years based there.
Chiang Mai is full of digital nomads and very easy to make friends in!

In Europe, Budapest or Malta.
In the Americas, Mexico - lots of beaches to choose from.