Best Emails for IG creation?

So I have been creating my own accounts courtesy of @Karthik_A but have seemingly hit a road block. I am having trouble creating emails for these accounts.
I tried creating off my laptop using my 4g connection as a hotspot and then creating off of my phone with app cloner for ig but the accounts keep getting captcha upon creation. I have used virtual numbers for the ones I have created successfully and they are doing well. Though that costs money and the email would only cost my time. Given the current world we are in I have plenty of time.

Ideally I want to use the app cloner for the email too and keep it all on my phone.

Anyone have any experience with this and could offer some insight?
Also open to any automation that could create emails also.

The appcloner technique is detected by IG for some time now.

They can easily detect app cloner it’s pretty trivial actually since it modifies the hash of the original and all IG has to do is check the md5 elementary stuff. Email does have something to do with it but it’s just one of thousands fingerprinting techniques IG uses.

Just buy the email accounts in bulk from one of the big account sellers.

The email tld does not play a big roles last time I did some checks (might be outdated).

Instagram loves .edu emails. But those are hard to get ahold of in bulk.

Emails aren’t too significant. However if you are spamming account creation with the same email, that may create more problems than the email provider you choose

No I’m just looking to create multiple emails and attach 1 per insta account. Though I seem to be at a bit of a road block when it comes to creating them.

yes, the best way is to buy emails then you can use them to either create or attach IG accounts.

if you want to create them you might consider sim cards