Best Facebook Groups for Instagram Influencers & Marketers?

What are they?

Here are some I know of:

Instagram Marketing Pod
Instagram Posse
Later Community
Instagram Marketing, Growth & Hustle

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Stay away from that shit .


:point_up: what he said.

none of the admin have an instagram account over 10k…

Instagram Posse was run by two women, however the one who wrote the guides who knew everything left last year - heard there was a lot of drama and she was fed up with the other owner mooching. Their guides have not been updated with anything significant since early 2016 and the group is a shit show of bitching and wild rumors. Later Community is gossip central but at least they have some inside connections to Instagram.

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Every 2nd person in a Telegram market place will tell you that .


And in their Facebook group any subject negative about pods, engagement groups is closed and deleted very fast. They are too afraid for their own business.

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Yeah “Liz” shuts everything down

good to know! haha