Best free data base and GUI (frontend) for IG analytics?


I want to make some analysis for around 400 IG accs and have plenty of raw data. I am not so much into SQL. So far I have used MS Access but it is quite buggy and slow. Is there any free solution that comes with a visual query editor?


Hey, I don’t exactly know how you are wanting it to be setup and to look and function. But when I was looking for a database storage tool for my accounts details, as an upgrade from Google Sheets, I found Airtable to be really good. I simply liked the interface, functionalities I needed, intuitiveness. But I just needed data text storage and ability to reference in between sheets nicely, where it sounds like you have some more features required. Check that out as an option anyway.


Thank you. It looks good for data storage. However I need something that can do SQL queries and that Excel can sort of access.

#4 might be able to offer some additional value if your data is already in some form of storage :slight_smile:


wow cool. Will try that. Getting data into a database is easy with XLS. So I will give google a try. Maybe they learn from my data as well :slight_smile: