Best Instagram Manual Repost App?

For everyone doing manual posting (from the phone) on their IG account,what is the best app for resposting?
I am mostly looking for an app that lets me repost carrousels,the ones i found only allow me to download all images to camera roll and than i have to post them.
Is there an app that lets me automaticaly repost with caption?
I am looking for an Android version.

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I don’t know about an automatic version but apps like Repost,Regram and such similar apps allow you to download the media first and then repost it,here you have to do it manually.

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I haven’t heard about a similar App, but yes it would be a great feature if someone can recommend something good.

There was one named Apphi but unfortunately they were a scam and they shut down their services actually.

Also don’t give your credentials to third party apps because they are most likely going to use your account for smm panels or steal it and this is my personal experience.