Best iOS clone app to run multiple IG apps


For those of you guys who have more than 5 IG accounts on your iPhone, which iOs clone app do you use? From google search, it seems Parallel Space is the most popular but it says $9.99/months after I downloaded it. Is there another good alternative?


I did used a tweaked app without jailbreak from appvalley website, is Instagram ++, and it did work to have more than 5 accounts connected.
But sometimes it gets revoked and be install again, so plane to connect your acc again


I will check it out. thanks.


Antutu app is the app to go!


Instagram Rocket, can be downloaded through Appvalley or Tweakbox, slightly better than Instagram ++ in my opinion.


I second ig rocket!


Ig rocket forsure, for some reason i cant get ig++ to work


This video shows you how. It’s like $10/year I think, but like others have said above the Instagram ++ app gets revoked eventually since it is not an iOS approved app.


Thanks Bro <3


Tweakbox is really great ! Better than tutuapp to me