Best Jarvee Scraper Settings

What are your best Jarvee scraper settings for December 2020? API limits? Nighttime mode? Full emulation? Let me know what is working for you!

I am currently bulk creating Jarvee accounts and I see a lot of different settings out there.

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for the API limits you can use these ones they seem to be very helpful

night mode 12-14 hours and there is no need to have the API full emulation on the scraper accounts.

what are you tying to scrape exactly? are you using the classic or the tag name method for growing accounts?

I can have unlimited scrapers in my Jarvee, so I believe to answer your question I am using the ‘classic’ method.

Have you tried the setting for ‘Scrape with the Embedded browser when possible’?

I don’t use night mode on my scrapers.

You can’t use the classic method on those scraper accounts since those accounts don’t have access to Tools. Do you have these options checked?

You will find the best settings for your scrapers by testing different settings on your scraper accounts.

yeah, you are most likely using the tag name method.

check this article to understand the tag name method:

no, I don’t use that option.