Best Mass Story Viewing Online Website?

What is the best online website such as MassPoller that can do 100,000+ story views per day per client? Any other companies out there? Or, if you can do this yourself on Jarvee, PM me.

It used to be great but now its not working mate, you will get your account disabled don’t bother searching…

Go back in 2019,don’t do this now.

Don’t put your credit card on masspoller, they scammed tens (hundreds?) of people (me included) by charging them lot of money for no reason and support is just ignoring you.

you can view stories using Jarvee but not 100.000+ a day that is just impossible these days, you can start slowly and increase by day until you find your accounts limits and see how it goes.

I’m aware of all this guys. Working with verified accounts. Trying to see if there’s a better option than using Jarvee myself and replacing scrapers every day. If there’s a website/cloud based company that is doing good work, let me know. Or if you can handle it yourself in jarvee, let me know.

I haven’t heard about anyone who can offer that service. I don’t think that it’s possible to have so many story views since IG changed their algorithm.

What do you expect from this kind of service, to do the scraping for you or what? With Jarvee you can set the settings as per your preferences, but if you want to keep your accounts safe you should avoid aggressive settings.

Mass viewing is done. Instagram will count actions, there is no way you can cross 5000 story views nowadays.

Until month ago or so it worked for verified accounts nicely you could view 500-600k per day and get +150 +200 followers daily depending on account but now its game over not work for verified accounts anymore too. But always remember the followers you get are mostly garbage as soon as you stop with views they start to drop a lot