Best method for client password handover?

Hey all, I’ve started offering IG automation services and im wondering what the best way to get the client to hand over their password is. I want it to come across as trustworthy and secure to the client. Ps. I’m not dealing with them in person.

Any input would be greatly appreciated!

If you don’t deal with them personally I would use a decent looking registration form on the website where you input the password. Something that looks trustworthy. Whenever you use an email or even worse - facebook it may seem scammy from the client perspective.


It’s best in person.
Explain what are the threats etc.
But of course, say that everything is under control and you do it with your head and you can feel safe :slight_smile:
You do not do your trust over time.
So it takes time.
Only if you do not have contact with the client. You need to create good and credible content so that customers trust and provide passwords.
As a colleague above wrote :slight_smile:
You can record a video or something else :slight_smile:


Some great advice, thanks very much!

I implemented a registration form on my site today. Thanks so much for your valuable input!

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Really just make sure your site looks decent. You’ll soon be surprised at how many people actually don’t mind sharing their credentials. I can count on one hand the amount of ppl who were shaky with sharing, and yet still converted after I reassured them.

One thing that may help is to state somewhere that you don’t access their DM’s (or comment/ post from their account), unless agreed upon later on - you only grow their account in the ‘background’. Gives them peace of mind I guess.

guys , how am i going to get a link of this server?

Just send automatic e-mail after purchase with brief (target group, campaign goals, password). All the client has to do is fill this out and send back to your e-mail.

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There is no point for the client to be reluctant to share it for the service in the first place.
If they are still reluctant, you could always just make them create a new account for growth purposes.

Just ask for it in the registration form, along with other information.
They are less likely to see it as a big deal when it’s just another thing to fill in, than when only asked for the password.
Put simply, if you don’t make it a big deal, less likely they will make it a big deal.