Best method for extracting emails 2018?


Hey All,

Let me know if it’s just me, but I could use some assistance on this.

I have been working on growing some accounts for a few months now, but running into difficulty recently in extracting Facebook Group users emails. :disappointed:

I was using Yahoo previously, but after seeing that the extraction tool was taken out of the new UI, I switched back to classic. Now, as many of you may know Yahoo has also removed this feature entirely.

Does anyone have any suggestions for getting EMAILS? I mean I can get usernames and profiles all day with different tools, but I have nothing currently for Facebook.

Please hit me up if you got some solid working suggestions.



I have many email lists. Do you need them?


Use survey monkey which cost a little per month run a lead or something to have the people go through the survey and have them put their email to win the lead then boom


you mean the email that used to create their accounts or the facebook email ?


Is there a way to find Facebook users email addresses?


The email used to create the account. i.e. gmail, hotmail etc


does it works for groups?


I usually go with Mailchimp it’s easy and you can customize your landing page!


Hey there, I have made a post about this at the ecommerce section you’re welcome to check it out.


Thanks, do you have a link to the post?


Yes 🔥 How to get hundreds of leads using only Google Search in less than 15 seconds


Thanks, will check this out.