Best method for having a proxy on phone?

Hey guys, new to the community,

I want to have a phone with multiple Instagram accounts, created with different proxies. What would be the best method to manage these accounts on the phone without being detected by their algorithm? Is it possible to run different proxies on the same phone?

Thank you for all comments and support ahead of time.

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That’s a good question, I was wondering the same thing!

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Depends on what is meant by “multiple”?
I’m currently managing my personal, business (niche-acc) and sometimes wife’s accounts from my phone without proxies

By the way, I live in country A, using my sim operator data and home WiFi
I work all over the world and visit let say ~15 to 25 countries a year, using Three UK (no, I’m not British) sim for good roaming
I also use satellite internet, which always shows different locations (I may be in Japan, but connected from USA, for example)
I also sometimes buy SIM cards for data only at different countries! China? South Africa? Brazil? - ok

And it looks like for the period of three years I’m not banned or shadowbanbed

Happy new year :balloon:

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Thanks for the reply,

By multiple I mean I plan to make roughly about 20-50 IG accounts and they will be created using proxies in Sweden. At the moment I do not have availability to a lot of different SIM Cards, but I will keep this, along with the satellite internet, in mind for future reference.

Happy new year for all of you as well! =]