Best Method to increase follower from USA(One Country)?

MPSocial Member,
I want to know what is the best method to increase follower from USA(One country). After Profile got 10k followers automatically getting 500 followers a day depending on hashtag (use niche specific hashtag). But issue is Start getting follower from multiple countries slowly reducing follower from Tier1 countries.

What’s the best way to avoid this issue? Is posting in evening or night time of Tier4 country help?
What do you guys think about it?

if you want specific country followers, you should focus more on user followers/followings than hashtags. for example: Europeans use a lot of english on social media (also on posts and hashtags) so, if you get your followers via hashtags its highly likely you will hit more “outsiders” than USA people.

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But I don’t have control on organic follower the way you suggest is for small account. If I got organic follower how i control it not fully but partially at least do something for that.

Have you tried adding location in your post…I don’t know weather it’s works or not…but may be you can try… Because sometimes hashtag are based on location as well…I see local post many times when I search very broad hashtag like #fashion

Yes you can try to change timezone as well, but it’s depend on how much time it is stick(trend) there on particular hashtag.


you can’t tottaly control it but you can add location to each post and follow the followers of less known influencers from your country target and use hashtags related to location and region idk lets say for gaming #newyorkergamer or #gamingnewyork

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You should focus on locations as stated above, and maybe with local brands aswell, and influencers. Best way to reach a local audience !

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If I understood well, the guy here is getting organic followers without doing some f/u method and he asks how to control from which countries the organic followers find him.

Am I right @summi08? Can you be more specific?


Search better your hashtags before you include them in your posts. Some of them may get many posts/likes, the name of the hashtag may seem relative, but if you see the top posts, as well as the recent, you can see the content is not so relative as yours. Read also the comments and see if in these hashtags most of the commenters are English speakers.

You can also try at some posts to include only location and not hashtags. Then IG will boost your post only based on the location and your impressions will come only from location. Try it.


Yes You are right Thanks

Yes I am going to use Location only no Hashtag tips and let you know what the result bro.

Thanks a Lot For the tricks. If you any have other tips please share with me.