Best Method to Scale Ads

What’s your best method to scale ads?

I’ve an e-com business and hardly find to scale ads on a low ticket items.

there is only one method, you should find a positive RIO, buy doing a lot of tests and finding the right audience targeting setting!!!

What do you mean by scaling ads? You can duplicate them

Premium product FB ad manager here for questions and advise if needed

Well it all depends on what kind of ROAS you’re bringing in.

If your return is not great on small budgets, just know that it will get worse when you start scaling aggressively.

The best way really depends on the account in question, it’s always different.

BUT, if your budget is low, you could try duplicating working adsets with the same budget or duplicating many winning adsets into a CBO campaign with a higher combined budget. Try different lookalikes, different re-targeting options and different objectives (meaning purchase, initiate checkout, add to cart)

If you have money to spare manual bidding is also always an option to test and on a long-term basis most likely better for your business. But the budget needs to be like 10x CPA and bid about 3x on each adset. Check out Tim Burd and Depesh Mandalia on Youtube, they’re legends when it comes to FB ads.

Also when scaling, one big focus needs to be AOV and conversion rate, especially for low-ticket items. If your landing page converts at 2.5% instead of 2% and AOV goes from $25 to $30 that is a huge difference in profit and gives you more leeway with your ads.

Hope this helps!

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You should always duplicate ads, and always if you need to change only one thing at a time so you know what works

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Personally I have found to always duplicate the ad and increase the budget by like 40% and see if it keeps performing and then repeat.

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If you are selling local products, or want to target each City, we have go AI which help with targeting. There is no way to target for example all Europe or USA, you have to add Cities and miles range each.

It analyse all your Pixel data from webstore, also all engagement at ur FB Fanpage then creating LLA (look a like audience). It`s learning every day, every reaction you get and every person visit your webstore.

It works like you post something on your wall with link/photo/messenger CTA, type budget and days. Later its enough to add #tag to your posts which you would like to promote.

It works, really well.