Best methods to drive traffic to a Website or eStore

What are the best methods you use to drive targeted traffic to a website / estore (either yours or your client’s) and increase sales of products or services?

These are the main methods i personally use:
IG: sending DMs to new followers / posts & stories sending people to website link in bio
Twitter: sending DMs to new followers / promotional tweets with website link
Facebook: Promotional posts on relevant FB groups / Managing my own FB groups and interacting with its members (promotional pinned post, sending welcome msg to new members with website link etc) / using FB ads
Email list: Sending promotional emails to subscribers
SEO: Ranking the website for some low-medium competition keywords on Google can bring some nice results

What are your best/favorite methods (free or paid) for driving traffic that bring you the best results?

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Paying influencers in your niche is one of the best ways to get sales


Can you share what’s the best way to approach this as i haven’t really tried this before on IG?
Do you contact the influencers on IG directly via DM or are you using a specific website/service which acts as the middleman?
Cause i assume if you try contacting them directly they may not even bother checking their DMs if they have lots of followers?

Also i assume how this works is the influencer will create either a post or a story (which brings better results?) where they shout out your handle and/or website or they may even put your website link in their bio for a set number of days or how does this usually work?

And what are some average rates for something like that eg for a shout out from an account with 100k followers and an average to good engagement rate?

Any other replies…?

All the methods you listed work, why not just scale one?


I’m basically looking for some additional methods to try cause the main methods i was using up to a few months ago seem to not work as well anymore or are too stressful to maintain properly, eg like many others here i’m having lots of issues with IG and also Twitter deleted a few of my accounts recently that i was building up for several years and had over 20,000 followers each, so i feel like i need to find some new/better methods that may be more sustainable right now.
So any suggestions or pointers on what’s still working for others right now would be very welcome.

If you have some capital (I’d say at least $500-1k) best way after the methods you listed is paid traffic with FB ads and Google ads for an online store. This is just what I use personally.


Hello Terryoi, the best methods to drive targeted traffic to a website is
#1 SEO optimization obviously from google that is constant traffic without needing to pay much amount of money
#2 Google Ads (google adword) paid ppc
#3 You have to find out which social media and do paid advertising also grow a fan base there (facebook, Insta, Pinterest, Twitter and maybe linkedin depends on your niche etc…)
#4 A blogger on your shop is very useful for SEO and also driving traffic
#5 retarget throu facebook and insta
#6 Email marketing
and there are hundreds of other ways just do a google search

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