Best payment platform to collect credit card payments from your clients?(Stripe or other?)

Hello! Maybe its only for me, but some of my old clients told that they don’t use paypal anymore and that they can pay by a card only. Visa or credit card.

So my question is , what payment platform do you guys use to receive such payments? Is stripe a good platform for payments collecting? I heard they hold your payment for 7 days or so before you can withdraw.

What do you guys use to get payments from credit cards from your instagram management clients? Thanks!

We use Paddle for credit card payments for Jarvee, but I’m not sure will they accept you or not. You can try, nothing to lose.


I use stripe with thrivecart - takes a 3-5 days for the money to get in my bank

Alternatively, for some Canadian clients, I invoice clients with SQUARE. And the money usually goes to my bank within 24 hours.

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Oh yes, Paddle payouts are once per month, so it probably doesn’t suit you :slight_smile:
And they also add VAT to all payments, so clients pay more.

I guess you should forget about it, it’s not something you want :joy:


You can bill them to paypal with an email. They can then enter their card and they don’t even need a paypal account.

Stripe is also great, but I am enjoying the waived instant transger fees on paypal atm :slight_smile:

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  • TransferWise
  • Payeer
  • Skrill
  • Stripe (directly or via an integrator)
  • 2Checkout

Plus any local ones (Yandex Money, Alipay, WeChat) for ease of access for the client


Hello guys i will probably use stripe, cause as I need to integrate it to my website like a paypal subscribe button, so will do same for stripe.

I doubht you can integrate an automatic subscription with any other platforms like payeer or transferwise?

Thanks for the help!

That would be correct - both function differently from PayPal or similar. TransferWise is an intermediate bank effectively. You client pays in their local currency (Credit/Debit, Wire, other local options) and it get’s converted to your desired currency. They are not a “middle-man”, at least not more than your local bank.

They don’t feature a checkout system as that’s not their target audience.

2Checkout has very similar features to Stripe and PayPal (also different pricing depending on the needed features) but don’t accept every business case (You will get checked upon signup, unlike PayPal where they verify that once you hit their limits and then lock you out until it’s done)

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I’ve been hearing a lot about stripe lately closing other people’s accounts for automating accounts on instagram. Is that something you’ve been able to avoid?

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Stripe doesn’t like social media services - they told me that customers who buy social media services are doing a lot of chargebacks to get their money back - so it’s a risk-type of business for Stripe to work with and partner with. They told me they can’t approve websites that promises followers, they declined my request for giveaway agency tho, but approved another agency of mine.

I’ve seen many Instagram agencies that offer account automation services changed their pricing tactics - they no longer mention that’s it’s automation and doesn’t promise any specific amount of followers while some of them say like: ‘expect between 400 - 800 followers monthly’. Stripe doesn’t like the word ‘automation’ and ‘get X followers’ type of services, I’m not even mentioning social media panel services - forget about that with Stripe; I don’t think even Paypal is good for that :smiley:

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