Best phone/device to manually create accounts?

Does it matter which device, OS, phone service, apps, etc. Do any offer added value over others? Thanks

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I think phones released in the recent few years would be more trusted in my opinion.

Too much old is not preferred,It’s just my thinking so wait and see what other people think about this!!

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A good phone with a good processor is enough to create accounts if u need to create multiple accounts fast its logical enough u need a phone with good specs + latest android version or ios version also matters in some part.


I’m thinking of using a set of verified email addresses to set up accounts in the app. For every 5 accounts, factory reset the phone and repeat. Will this do anything helpful? Thanks.

Also, some phones have esim capability. Is this helpful?

Factory Reset doesn’t work,I have tried it.

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What about using a browser like Brave? Would that work?

a lot of fingerprints include your geo location /ip leaks/ matter

300 a day !!? what’s the process to achieve that??? :nerd_face:
“with a custom made” you mean a kind of IGram tool?

Something made by me. Well, 300 is a big number usually is around 180-200 as the time for creating is around 7-8 minutes