Best place to find shout 4 shout?

I know there is shoutcart where you can buy shouts, but is there anywhere to trade shouts?


Some of the best S4S that I’ve gotten are simply through the connections I’ve made through IG. Find an account that is similar to yours, and propose some mutual benefit.

You can find them easily using hashtags. I.E you’re a car account, so you look up #fastrides in IG, then just scroll through. Check out the accounts that look interesting and shoot them a dm.

Within an hr you could have as many leads as you want, the more you have the more chance of someone saying yes to the S4S. Only thing you have to be careful of is copying and pasting the same message and sending them to a ton of people back to back. You don’t want to get temp banned.


Nice suggestion.

You see? contributing to forum isn’t that hard, right? :slight_smile:



And nope not at all, I don’t know why a lot of people tripping about it haha be sure to check out my guide coming in a few hrs :wink:

I have always loved finding new Artists to follow from S4S…glad to know I can try to do that too! Thanks!

You should also look for accounts that are not only similar to yours in niche, but the same size. Anyone who has an account that is much larger will likely not trade shout outs, but will probably charge you a fee.

Be sure to follow them and like and comment on their account. If you don’t follow them, and they don’t follow you back, you message might never past pending with them.

I also wouldn’t ask in their comments for an S4S, because that’s spammy and no one likes that on their posts.

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Thanks anon, I got some value from that.

Here’s another question.

You know there’s apps with coin systems. Well, what would happen if you do a post then inject x amount of likes towards it. I guess Instagram can see it’s not organic and the likes have not come from people scrolling through their personal feed and liking what they see but I just wondered what the thoughts were on this.


It would depend on a few things. Likes of any kind can boost you in hashtag rankings, but overall they can hurt you if you use them long term. I would stay away from those apps, they can cause serious harm to your accounts if they have not already.

you dont want it blood
dead accounts/fake accounts likes etc
will harm you in the long run and you will prob drive by and kill a few people in the gas station becuase of this, been there seen that not really done that but i did tap that ok?

Lmao! :joy: I’m going to take this advice, I don’t need that kind of heat!