Best place to promote business and best strategy?


I really need help since my online jobs are dying hard lately and idk why, i did everything as always and it just collapsed then i tried many other approaches but result was the same…

I ve been using instagram promotion for years and i always haf roi between 5-10x

Now i struggle to even cover what i invest

Im in fitness world

Any help??? Please

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What are you trying sell in fitness niche?
How have you been promoting?

But yeah atm its super expensive to run things like M/S
Half of what I make is spent on running it

are you currently using MP or Jarvee to automate your IG account? If yes, what tools are you running?

you need to give us more details about your business, what are you selling? what are your goals? M/S and other methods should be helpful if you have the right skills and you have some money to invest.

Selling meal and workout plans

Idk what is m/s?

I just used instagram promotions, not jarvee or anything else for this

And as i said it gave me great results 5-10x roi, sometimes even over 10x

Then it just collapsed barley enough to cover investment now and i try everything but nothing gives results, i even tried influencers marketing - nothing happens

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I work with guys that do this for a living so I cannot share exact techniques with you but will give you some ideas.
Facebook ads is a more simple approach for you. Lots of guys start on this.
On instagram most of the sales are done in the dms, the hard part is finding the right leads and also having the sales skills to close them.

My advice is to find a very specific niche and work in that. This is because there is a lot of competition and these guys are going hard DMing hundreds to thousands of people a day.

whats your organic strategy like?

I dont have organic strategy i never did i grew my profile with promotions and it worked like a charm until april