Best place to sell ~10k follower instagram accounts

Not trying to open a sales thread by just coming up with a random title.

Honestly asking, whats the best place to sell instagram accounts that are around 10k followers. I’ve been scammed 2/2 on the same account. Tried facebook groups and ebay, and both times, even when being super secure, got the account scammed (but forwarded the secure email so HA, easy recov). Just wondering, what are the best places to sell low follower instagram accounts pretty easily and safely?

Black Hat World

A thread? or having a secondary seller? And you need a special user level that has to be purchased correct?

You have to get jr. vip first, its 109$ i think. Then a salesthread is 30$ a year.

I have one on BHW. I think it still can be a nice place. But their are so many sellers now that are selling for 3-5$ per 1k. But if you have quality accounts, you can sell them for more. They only have shitty accs:slight_smile:

Anyway we can work something out? LOL i just want to get rid of a few (4 or 5) just decent accounts around 10k each. Engagement of 3-5%

What about MpSocial. I see all the accounts on here have amazing engagement.

yeah with 3-5 % engagement you cannot sell them for much money

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If you want to sell, pm @Adnan for a salesthread.


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Lol I was trying to sell 1 account to someone that’s after one not multiple calm down.

I am interested to buy. Can work out a secure payment. I wont overpay for 3-5% engagement

Calm down?

I just removed your post that was not allowed. Nothing to ‘‘calm down’’ about.

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Hi @dma0245 , I do not have any experience selling instagram accounts.

im not sell here so dont ban me thanks . just ask

I removed some selling stuff.

You are just mentioning all details and its not a salesthread…

I will remove all details.

If you guys want to sell here, just spend the $ to make a salesthread and try to sell like this…

Some guy will think, there is that fcker Danny again. So be it…

im so sorry , I just want to give you details, so you can help me to price my instagram account.
If I sell the account, do I need to sell phone numbers and gmail, or I wait for customers to change its, So sorry again

No problem.

You can get about 5-10$ per 1k. Depends on the niche, engagement and where you sell them.You will get less if you sell here, but a lot more if you sell to somebody that isnt knowing anything about our tools.

Why sell now? the first 2k followers are the slowest ones, grow some more and its more easy money.

You can delete the phonenumber before you sell it.


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A good thing you can do in BHW is pay a JR user to use his signature space. So you don’t have to pay 100$~ per year and other money for the marketplace.You should try and see how it goes.

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Is that what you would do?