Best platform for engagement Group?

Hey! So since making a progress thread we’re now at 25k followers and have launched a membership site that’s doing super well.

I’ve been asked if I could make an engagement group for the membership community for insta

I understand engagement groups are bad but these are 1st: paying members 2nd all similar niche

My question is what is the best way to do it whilst still looking professional? My first thought was telegram but it’s also quite amateur in my view

Has anyone got any better options or is telegram the way?

Note: looking to scale into the thousands



Make your own website if that’s the case.
You have the revenue to do so with paying members.

I have my own website + forums, what I’m asking is what is the best programme/app etc to make an engagement group for my members who have signed up on our site

Maybe telegram

Jarvee has IG Engagement Groups tool that can be used for this purpose :slight_smile: You can use it for Comments and Likes. There is a free trial so you can check it out.

can you tell me how please?