Best practices for the the first week of IG?

After browsing all the IG threads there are a few questions that I think a lot of people on this forum would benefit from that I could not find answers for.

  1. Buying accounts
  • what age is recommended?
  • should they be PVA or email verified?
  1. How to deal with the PVA if you don’t have SIM cards?

I am sure more people have questions about the way to start so let’s make this thread the ultimate starting out thread.

I will gather the best replies and add/link them in this top post for easy reference.

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All of these are answered once you reach level 2 which is super easy. Give it a week or two and all your questions will be answered without yet another thread of the same content.

  1. you can create them yourself and age or buy it. accs123 check in marketplace if they’re still in business , they are cheap.
  2. The older the account the better , but aged account must prepared if it was not doing any actions in long time.
  3. would be best if u pv them yourself. You can use smspva but i think its better to buy sims (maybe there is a better way i dunno)
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There are online services like smspva and hidemynumbers…etc but using real SIM cards is always better, You can check this thread out: [BUY] Real Sim Cards to Verify your Instagram, Facebook, Gmail, Twitter accounts