Best practices to avoid action blocks

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I’ll be very happy to forward an email from a competitor talking about the action block mess and the best practices to avoid it. :grinning:
This forum give me a lot, so on my possibilities, i’ll try to contribute as far i can.

This is the original message :

Over the past few weeks, Instagram has been aggressively fighting automation on their platform. Their efforts caused many businesses to go out of business and many sleepless nights to the XXX team.

We’ve been working day and night to come up with a solution to fight the effects of their latest wave of updates, and we now the only working solution on the market.

We had to change many things under the hood as we had to emulate the Android Instagram app even more closely to stay under the radar of Instagram. This fix is so advanced and unique that none of our competitors have it implemented so far.

Once we had this solution up and running, we ran extensive tests on the Beta version of XXX, and the results are extremely promising.

The fix was rolled out to the stable version of XXX on Friday, 2nd August. To appear as legitimate as possible to Instagram, we’ve decided only to enable the fix for accounts that have a fresh device ID. Accounts connected after Friday will have the fix enabled automatically, while for the rest of the accounts you can request a device ID reset from our support team.

Please understand that this fix is no magic, and you will still need to play by Instagram’s rules. But if you are following the best practices, you will see far fewer activity blocks in the future.

We have also introduced two new settings for the following tool: a daily cap which you can use to limit your daily followings, and a slider where you can define the chance of likes before/after following. Both are useful to prevent action blocks.

To request a device ID reset, just open a ticket with the username of each Instagram account and we’ll make sure to have them reset quickly.

We hope this update will support you to continue with your journey on Instagram.

As always, if you have questions or issues, don’t hesitate to reach out to our support team.

As you might already know, we recently rolled out a very advanced feature to prevent action blocks.
The fix works by emulating the Instagram Android app even more closely, and the results are excellent so far.

Even with the fix rolled out, you might still have trouble with actions blocks down the road. To prevent these, we decided to write up a few tips for everyone to follow.

First, and the most important: proxies . When it comes to Instagram automation, proxies are the second most important factor (after choosing the best possible tool). We already discussed the different types of proxies and the benefits of each. What is essential here is to be smart when it comes to using them:

  • Never have more than three accounts on a single proxy, and always try to avoid having the accounts run at the same time.
  • Don’t use the same proxy for too long, ask your provider for a new IP address or get a proxy that rotates it’s IP over time (make sure it’s not rotating too frequently). Alternatively, you can change around your accounts between your proxies to rotate them.

Once you have your proxy game on point, you should be looking at your schedule and settings.

We already said this many times, but make sure you are not automating 24/7.

This is essential, and many people have issues because of not respecting this critical rule. Every week you should have at least a day completely off, meaning no automation at all. Also, when creating your schedule over a day, try to make it as human-like as possible, start with your activities in the morning hours, and never have consecutive actions from more than 2-3 hours. Have some breaks, and use a different schedule for every day. Our schedule generator makes it easy to create randomized and safe activity patterns.

During our tests for our latest update, we found that having “Mute after follow” turned on creates a pronounced pattern for Instagram, and it results in more frequent action blocks.

Another feature that may cause issues if the “Like before/after follow” function, having this turned on (especially two likes) causes another pattern that Instagram is actively monitoring. We introduced a slider where you can define the chance of likes, and we strongly recommend you to use it if you use the “Like before/after follow” feature. You should never set this to more than 80%, but a value below 50% is strongly recommended.

We also introduced a feature to let you limit the daily followings XXX will make with your account. This is a beneficial function, and we recommend you to use it. A good starting value for it is 180-200 follows per day once you have your accounts warmed up.

With our latest update, we are confident that we delivered the only legitimate response to the Instagram action blocks. If you follow the best practices mentioned above, you should have a smooth experience with Instagram automation once again.

Hope this sample paste and copy could help and inspire some people :sunglasses: on my personal advice : think out of the box!

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Nice to get some up-to-date information on how larger platforms are working things out. Thanks for the share!


Thanks for sharing! Let’s hope all major softwares get better updates in the future.


“During our tests for our latest update, we found that having “Mute after follow” turned on creates a pronounced pattern for Instagram”.

“They have also invented a new feature where you can set a limit for daily follow actions. “

I think most of the experienced members are know about these, but it can be helpful for some beginners.

what id we do mute after x number of minutes instead of doing it instantly?

and what about not using like after follow at all?

or using it with 30-50% and 1-2 or 1-3 likes so that it is random?

I have no more blocks and have been following something similar for a few weeks now. Running 300 accounts with mobile, ipv4 and ipv6…


What is that “XXX” soft? What software is this material related to?

Actually, nothing new, all the info is already on this forum


API or EB? EB seems to do fine here IF you use proper follow settings. API is toast for me. Blocks too often

Anyone can confirm good results with this info? Maybe turning off the mute makes the client unconfortable…

If you are referencing content written by other people on other forums at least have the decency to reference it.



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mind sharing your settings?

This information can be useful
thank you very much

Very relieving to hear about this. Been running super safe so I just need a breather lol

wow. no blocks at all?

I don’t mean to be the harbinger of doom, but in another thread, someone added an account to Follow Planner after this message was released and the software updated. The account received a block after 6 follows…

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your life, our dream(๑>؂<๑)

What Mobile proxy are you using

I got multiple blocks after few days of testing, so as far as I can see they didn’t do anything revolutionary except adding more random timers and updating device ID for phones.



Ipv4 proxy, selfmade with created by me settings.