Best Prepaid Sims in the US? (For text only)

I am overall confused about prepaid sims in the US. I see some forums saying that US prepaids need top ups of a minimum of $10 before being used, and while I was searching I see $5 sims that only last a month. What’s the best way to get a number in the US that doesn’t have a monthly fee? Currently I only need the sims for phone verifications (text only). Would what I listed below work? Please let me know I’m really lost here lol.

Having the same problem here in Germany. Cards are only activated for a month unless you recharge them. I think there are providers whose sim cards are activated for a year, which is a little bit better.

You could try sim cards from other countries since you just want to receive sms, which is free. But I dont know exactly which country has good prepaid sim providers.

Edit: The sim cards from the screenshot should not work since they are not activated - correct me if Im wrong.

Would you suggest getting different country 4g proxies and different phone numbers then?

I think depends on what you want to do.

For scrapers / slaves its not that important to have the 4G proxies located in the same country as the sim cards you PV the accounts with.

I see. Do you think it’s possible to use sim cards from other countries in my country? Considering all I want to get is text verifications.

You can buy activated cards, that shouldnt be a problem but in most cases the first dial-up needs to be in the origin country.
Maybe you find a provider who activates + dial-up the card for you before sending it out but trusted shops usually just activate the card for you.

I see, I wish our countries weren’t so complicated lol. Thanks for the information

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Really a pain :sweat_smile:
Youre welcome