Best proxies for comments?

Does anyone know any good proxies providers for comments mainly? I’m currently using ssl proxies and they aren’t doing so good lots of follow blocks and comment blocks. I many looking for proxies that are good for comments.

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4g Mobile proxies are the way to go!

residential proxies are the other way :slight_smile:
So basically you have two routes. SSL proxies are not too bad. But you need to slowly warm up with them.

I’m having great results with ipv6


It is like with running a marathon. The one with the best shoes does not automatically win. But usually the winner has the best shoes :slight_smile:
Material / tools do matter, if you know how to use them. If you give a starter the best shoes… he will not even know or being able to take advantage of his shoe’s special features.


How many comments do you want per day?
Do you use spintax for comment?
Do you comment for your follower or something else?
My recommended:
4G Mobile proxies > Residential Proxies > Datacenter proxies (1:1)
Depend on your setting, try to make it not like a bot.

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Which provider if you don’t mind me asking?

Yeah there are quite a few factors in play and ofc better proxies will help. If you want top quality go for mobile/raw-mobile. But, there is a reason some people manage on cheaper proxies too, even though datacenter has become more problematic over time.

Anywhere from 100-150
Yes i have a spintax set up which i change weekly
I have it set up to comment then follow the user

Got declined for socialgrowth 4G proxies not happy about that they say mother/slave the accounts follow and comment there own source and are not interacting with each other makes no sense.

They have great customer service


it does not matter - If we reject one of your accounts we reject all. Simple as that. No backsies, no ‘but what about these’ Out is out. Hope you understand now.

Mobile tier is a pool system with very high-quality natural client accounts which we protect at all cost. Your accounts don’t fit in that pool.
Raw-Mobile is a Modem just for you where you can do whatever you want. If you mess up there you only drag yourself down. If you run your accounts successfully there it even comes you cheaper per account.

If you just want to fight over the decision, I’ll simply lock this ticket.
Our decision regarding this is final.


With this attitude…they kill thier own bussiness

Pierre commented:


as we have rejected you - Yes, indeed you won’t be using it !

Great customer service