Best proxies service for Instagram 2018


Hello everyone
I am trying to find the best proxies service for Building bulk Instagram Accounts. Can you guys recommend to me some good proxies service with cheap price (about 1-2$/private proxy).
I used instantproxies but it didn’t good for Building bulk Instagram Account.
Thank you so much!


If you want to buy proxies, just scroll the Google page, maybe on 3rd-5th page, choose non-popular proxy provider.
If you want to create proxies (better than buying), do the same, but with VPS, and buy additional IPs + setup everything with CCproxy or similar software.


@Gaevintt maybe we should look for the best proxies for Instagram 2019. 2018 is soon over so it might be better to look for the best proxies in 2019, or do you want to stop Instagram in 2019?


He lives today. What happens tomorrow is for later concern :slight_smile:


Did you find it out? lol :smiley:


Just get proxies that last until 2021. Then no worries for 3 years. Easy af


DM me, and I’ll link you to the the provider I’ve been using for the past 4 years.


@klique hey, can you send me a message?


Instagram 2018

Never heard of it


Yeah, I’ll msg you now with the proxy provider.


For 1-3 usd you will most likely get garbage proxies. Instagram is now allergic to normal datacenter proxies. Try to find residential proxies or even better 4G/LTE ones. 4G/LTE proxies can be super expensive, but you can run as many as 20 accounts from them!


You’re sure you can run like 20 accounts from each one? That’s not dangerous? I’m always hearing the recommendation of 3-5 accounts MAX per proxy.

In any case, where do you get these? Do you have a preferred provider you’re using?



Theese kind of proxies are way to expensive. I use datacenter proxies, shure the likes dont always gets to where i want but folllow, comment works like usual. If you want more likes just add more account for 1usd/proxiy instead of buying overpriced residental/4g (its way to hyped up)

But shure it depends on what you doing on ig, people handling client account i think are the ones using theese expensive proxies.
Iam just rambling a little lol


what supplier do you use?

I was using blazing seo llc and my accounts have been running 1.5 months no problem and now they are stuck in email confirmation.

I confirm email and then 60 minutes later, again, requires email confirmation.

It’s making me crazy.

These are all to create influencer accounts to be used for affiliate marketing and shoutouts.

Whatcha think?


I have the same issue. I think I need to switch proxy provider.


I only used mprivateproxy, their proxies works well on IG, You may try to use some other providers which added as a list on this page,
I would like to hear your experience on instantproxies also, For I want to find a cheaper one, if possible:)


can you send me a message about your provider.tks


In bigger cities you can even run 100 accounts :slight_smile:


Running more than 3 accounts per proxy is ridiculous, and in the event that one of your accounts get banned it’s a good chance youll face a mass ban across all the accounts on that proxy. I personally only use 1 proxy per account, i did extend it to 2 accounts a proxy… but 1 for 1 I recieve no blocks and don’t risk the potential of losing 2 accounts instead of one. And I haven’t recieved a verification since I initially setup each account in my bot. Quality always trumps in the long run.


I’ve been using my own mobile proxies around a years now. Each proxy could run around 10 accounts without any issue; yet my settings are very conventional as I don’t go overboard. I could run for 30 accounts per mobile proxy for accounts that are divided into 3 interval per day (8 hours per set of 10 accounts). The problem is with the speed of it though.

Note: Each mobile proxy is rotating once per 2 hours using Tasker.