Best proxy configuration app for Android

Hi guys!

Today, I would like to ask you if you use or know some apps for Android to connect proxys whitout leaks.
I am using the device option to connect the proxy and they ask me for the proxy password sometimes when I just connect it and I open google. The mobile is a xiaomi redmi note 9.

Is the first time I am doing this so any kind of recommendation will be appreciate. :rofl: :heart_eyes:

Thanks as always. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Usually, the default tool is the best.

Regarding the password, you can opt in for a proxy that has IP-based authentication. In which case you whitelist your device’s IP and then your requests won’t need proxy login authentication.

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Does that only happen for the first time?

Are you being on wifi or your mobile connection when that happens?

Might be a bad choice if someone is running around with a changing mobile IP :thinking:

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Device option probably is the best one. Do they ask you the PW repeatedly or just first time?

Also, did you consider using a VPN instead?

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