Best Results With Manual Growth

Hello everyone,

I was wondering if anyone has some tips on how to achieve the best results if you are managing clients by doing manual actions?

At the moment I’m struggling to go over 500-700 followers per month and in some cases 800.

Any tips? Are you doing more follow/unfollows or spending more time on liking posts?

Thanks! Hope to see more activity here in the forum :slight_smile: Remember the old days when everyone was chatting about loads of things? Good times!

1/ Be more selective with the client you onboard. You will see from x1 to x5 results depending on which client/niche you grow.

2/ Do as much (safe limits) actions as you can, on top of the F/U, to optimize the FBR and engagement.

3/ Keep an healthy Followers/Followings ratio.

4/ Improve content / page as much as he/she can.


Visual appearance should be similar to your competitors page.

Turn ON post notification for competitors page, and follow likers immediately after the post.
They will be online, active and ready to follow back.

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Hi @denis1 , thank you for taking the time to reply to this thread.

How many actions can you do on top of F/U daily?

You can basically use everything that is on the platform, in their own “safe limits”. Those limits will depend on the kind of setup you run (accounts / proxies quality).

You can slowly start Like, Comment, Stories, Posting tools, and see your limit, which can be different from someone else :slight_smile:

To get the best results with manual automation, I would recommend doing Likes, Comments even more (but can be tricky/dangerous), and stories/posting of course.

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