Hi to all people.

I tried to search online but the information is fragmented and poorly organized.

So I wanted to organize in a single post all our experiences regarding the timing for the rotation of proxies / IP for the mother slave method, in order to arrive at a solution as optimal as possible.

Some use them static, others rotate every 3 minutes, others rotate the proxy every time an account enters, others like me who create their own proxies rotate the proxies with random timing ranging from 3 to 60 minutes.

What are your experiences?

Thank you all in advance!


Overrotation is bad, natural rotation is ok (which occurs every 8-12-16 hours on average for 4g)


Let’s say you have 150 accounts for 15 rotating proxies. So 10 accounts for each rotating proxy, is it still a good idea that the IP address changes only after 8 hours? In this case, many accounts would cross over the same IP.

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You don’t fix the issue of overloading the proxies with rotation.

@ArthurAxton how can I manage to have 10 account for 1 proxy?
Could I put 8 accounts per proxy and let each account enter only 3 hours? So as not to overlap the accounts / IP.

Or do you think it can work even if they overlap?


You can’t put 10 accounts per proxy. That thing was happen in 2018, not in 2020. Stay under 5 acc/proxy.

Instagram have added rules like follow only 200 people per day…Same they have putted restriction on action per IP address as well. …If they see some specific IP are performing more than xyz action, then they will show error to all the accounts…they also check IP duration like this IP are using by 10 accounts, and all 10 accounts come with specific time and perform some action…so that is also detect by them.

The best solution is don’t do rotation, and improve your proxy setup…rotation is just marketing gimmick, nothing else…by doing that you automatically interlink your all account and giving so many hints to instagram. Even other experts said that thing, but I don’t have time to find that.

Also mother/slave is very very hard nowadays, because you can’t follow more people, and there is DM block everywhere with m/s method…Best of luck…

@YodaMaster I didn’t read your whole post, but I’m telling you beforehand that I managed to run 20 accounts on a single proxy :wink:

My idea is not to overlap 10 accounts per proxy. What I mean is to rotate 8/10 accounts on a proxy, and every time an account enters the proxy renews its IP address.
I tried this technique with 4 accounts per proxy (6 hours each) and I could get 200 F / U / L actions per day without problems on dated customer accounts.
On the slaves, however, I wanted to increase the number of accounts per proxy because for 200 accounts I would have to put too many proxies and the costs would be too high.
What I mean is what is the best timing for changing the IP of the proxy to manage the transition between the various accounts.
8 accounts per proxy 3 hours each to not overlap them?
8 accounts per proxy 6 hours each, then 2 at a time on each IP?
Thank you

In the OP you did not mention what type of IP it is (residential, datacenter, mobile, etc.).

All the above recommendations depend on the IP type.

@HenryCooper it is mobile IP.
What timing do you think can be the best?
8 account per proxy 3 hours each?
6 account per proxy 4 hours each?
I don’t need to do more than 50 F / 50 unf per day, so every account doesn’t send more than 5/6 DM to new followers.
Thank you

You’re planning to do M/S on JV ?

I would say it’s the worst idea for M/S right now, especially if you plan to DM people

@denis1 I’m currently doing M / S on JV with about 100 accounts. I must say that the profiles are able to send about 5/8 DM per day, and the main problem is growing by 8 new followers per day for each profile due to the continuous blocks. What method do you recommend for M / S today?

That’s really courageous what you’re trying to do :clap:

  • Hope it’s gonna work enough with a good ROI for you, but i got some doubts as 5-8 DMs per slave isn’t worth it to my mind…

  • But Hey, there are so many different ways to set-up this method that it can eventually still work on JV !

I use a semi-automated script. I wouldn’t recommend it today as it’s a pain-in-the-brain method to set-up, as it took me a few weeks to plan and build it, but it’s working for me :slightly_smiling_face: For example, 1 slave of mine can send more DMs than 10 of yours … Hope you understand why i’m telling you : think twice before thinking to scale your method up


I currently manage many semi manual customers on phones, with dated accounts and with a good trust score, but also manual encounter blocks after a few days / weeks of 150/200 Follow Unfollow per day. Each of these accounts grows to a maximum of 20 new foloowers per day, so even manual on phone then each account could not send more than 20 new messages per day.
so in your opinion the best way to do M / S today is by phone? how do you manage the sending of messages to new followers and publications? all manual?

I would not opt for manual actions on phones, as it requires tons of work, and thus the ROI would be even worst … You still need some automation, in any case - or recruit 20 VA’s if you’re a big company heh -

Tho, if you can’t get more than 20 new followers per day, i think there’s a problem with your accounts / content. Many slaves of mine can get from 30 to 50 followers per day, at full speed (but if you just created your acc, i can understand the FBR is low),

For the DMs part, try to write a script for this purpose :slightly_smiling_face: