Best "Serious" way to capitalize on 100 k chocolate account

Hey all you Instastars!

I have an account for chocolate lovers that’s growing 3-500 followers daily (no follow/unfollow)
Only repost and # growth. No botting for last 6 months.
Reaching 100 k this or next week.

I’m now looking for ways to earn money on this without damaging account.

I have a few theories.

  • Squeeze page collecting emails and then offer chocolate brands sampling to a target group. With hope of reposts and insights

  • Ambassadorship with a chocolate manufacturer, we could make a weekly special with them. Recipe contests etc.

  • Shoutouts (this seems tacky to me)

We have done our own content with for example Nutella that had the following stats:
95% non- followers
1431 profile visits (13-15000 weekly)
144 000 reached
170 000 impressions (1.5-2 m weekly)
400 new followers

How would you do this and at what expected price range?

Have an outstanding day and thank you for this forum.


Open a store that sells candy chocolates

Make a recipe book for chocolate deserts

Sell shoutouts

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You should be squeezing the page anyways if you have the time and resources available. Someone had a 100k MySpace followers. You know they are still talking about it today to the guy that’s telling stories about high school football days 12 years ago.

Figure out who your followers are. Do you have any businesses that buy candy or sell candy that follow you? I’ve never bought candy online and I bet 95% of people haven’t bought candy online so who is buying candy online is the question you have to ask yourself. Are you trying to build a business or just make a few bucks? How do you connect the people buying the candy online with the people selling the candy B2B with you in the middle is what you’re looking at in that situation. Do you go to a candy company with 5k followers and ask them for equity in their company to post about their content and help them grow?

If you want to make a business then look at squeezing the page into other social media platforms. I feel you have to verify your vision and that will direct you on the path you’re looking to go.

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Thank you, a photobook is a good option.

Thank you, the time is always now :slight_smile:

If I were you I would do one of 2 things: create a merch store, where you can sell chocolate related designs on clothes, cups or any other stuff you can think of, or you can advertise chocolate brand products on your posts. I have a candy instagram account too and I mainly do the first option, but sometimes I talk to candy brands and advertise their products on some posts as well.

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