Best server to run 100 accounts?

Looking for a server recommendation to run 100 accounts :slight_smile:

thank you :slight_smile:

you mean bot?

A $35 euro Hetzner server is plenty to run 100 accounts. Just make sure to buy it without windows and ask Hetzner support to boot up windows from a USB stick and enable KVM browsing then install windows.

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Their cloud servers, server auction, or one from the EX line?

I usually buy mine from auction but I was referring to their new servers (which have a setup fee). I think these are the EX line ones…

Test services and decide which suit you

That’s one hell of a blunt answer. It’s nothing like testing a setting of an IG account. You cant just test a server for a day with 100 accounts.

I dont know, not to be rude, but that answer just made no sense @ZackMD1

I’ve been using Contabo for years. German efficiency. Maybe not the cheapest but very very good service.

I use my brother’s (RIP) old gaming pc. :pray::pray::pray::pray:

I used to do that but all external causes not being able to run were not worth it for me. Working in the street, wifi being down due to the provider, electric outage… @Drav

Backup generator and 4g X 10

How about a crash? Backing up every night with binary files? since it’s all locally stored. But then again, you need to by that backup generator, run electricity, … all costs + risk combined. Still worth it? I’ve thought about it but still servers seem waaaay saver in the end

Battery backup… it’s called a redundant power supply, it gives you an hour battery backup. Comes on when power cut. Fairy standard for servers. And if power is off for longer you can run the generator. Bit like a laptop.

Or if you have a Tesla power wall :+1::+1: