Best settings on Jarvee to prevent - Follow Block that started out of the blue


Some of the users I manage got follow block (including myself…)
I didn’t change anything since a while, could it be the proxies?

Or - can anyone show me please BEST SETTINGS for FOLLOW / UNFOLLOW tools in Jarvee?

Thanks you!


Out of the blue usually means proxy from what I’ve read on here


But I already changed it…
I’ll change again,

Still would love to know what are the best settings possible :slight_smile:

Thank you, friend!


did you just get the blocks within the last few hours?

what kind of proxies are you using?

Im experiencing more Blocks than usual in last hours also, i hope IG didnt change nothing, they updated today, by the way :sweat:

PD: What does it mean Follow Block that started out of the blue? :thinking:

i had one client get a very random follow block in the last few hours as well

all of my accounts are fine (client & test accounts). All on mobile proxies except for one on a datacenter = which is fine too.

What are your hourly / daily actions

There are no ‘best Settings’ except the one that works for you. Some accounts can Follow many and get away with it some a few if at all. You gotta test


i recommend to reat this

Hopping proxies is one of the worst things you can do. It lowers trust levels on your account even further (unless mobile proxy and even then I’m sure there’s limitations)

Follow blocks are not the end of the world. You’re typically better off simply slowing down a bit and letting Instagram stop being a bitch to your account than swapping proxies. I’ve had times where I’ve hit a follow block, and after the block ends the account continues and is fine for weeks without changing anything. It’s only when they’re consistent you need to really react

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Ok thanks for the info.
How do I slow down? I wanna be sure I do the right things…
Can you share the best settings please?

Thanks so much!

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Means it was all good and then sudden blocks, even though I didn’t change anything…

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I got it all today

I’m using Myprivate Proxy and also Highproxy

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I got them all today also on my Spam Accounts :frowning:

Using Highproxy as well, it doesnt smell good:

  • Action Blocked - This action was blocked. Please try again later. We restrict certain content and actions to protect our community. Tell us if you think we made a mistake.

This is the message, im trying to other proxy providers and see if it helps to the accounts blocked, did you try?

Definitely it looks like a proxy issue.

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