Best settings suggestions for Jarvee after the blocks of June 2019, with the new limits

Hey folks, I want to hear your recommendations for the best settings (mimicking human like behavior) for Jarvee on the follow tool with this new limits imposed by Instagram.

Speculating on the 6000 follows a month / 200 follows a day limits (I know, I know, we don´t know for sure yet), can we collaborate on the best settings we can use now for the follow tool on Jarvee? with night mode and resting days?

This is my current config

Care to share your settings and tips?


Also: this are new Jarvee recomendations on the follow tool posted today:

Keep it slow, many people are talking about a 6000 follow limit within a 30 day period, that would mean a maximum of 200 follows per day. I’d say that is still too much, but it’s up to you. If you have several accounts feel free to test for yourself. Even with 100 highly targeted follows per days you will do fine. Try to use the sniper approach instead of the shotgun one.
If you had/have a block on your account wait for it to pass. Then start following again very very slowly. I’d give it a week after the block was lifted and start with 10 follows per day and grow it daily with 1-2 more follows. Baby steps but you will get there!* ​

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