Best Slave Scraper Settings? Confused


I am very confused after watching Adi Ankonina latest IG Settings video. Her settings have completely changed and the video isn’t clear on which setting to use for the Scraper accounts.

Could someone shed more light on the exact settings for the slave scraper accounts? Please post screenshot of “Advance Profile Settings”. This is where I’m confused what to tick and untick.

This would help me and alot of people out!

Kindest regards!

I read something similar here today:
You can check what @Klique said, same advice could be applied here :slight_smile:

Hi @Bianca,

Thanks for the reply. The link isn’t working for me

if you need easy tool for scrape users check “Turbomarketer” in youtube
they have alot of easy tools for scrape username from several places in instagram
from comments,likes,followers,following,credit hashtags and more nice scrapers for marketing,
i really like this guys hope it will help you too
good luck

If you want to use Follow tool you can check out their links with official tutorials about how to setup S/M method with EB

and with API emulation:

Can you post the video url here?

I’m using default settings with the option APi full emulations unchecked.

Did you ever figure this out?

I"m looking for instructions on how to setup scrapers. I’ve never setup scrapers and don’t have a clue what the advanced profile settings for the scraper should be.

This instruction says “add some slave accounts”

But it doesn’t say what what the conditions of that slave account should be.

If you are referring to the Advanced Profile Settings for those scrapers, you can reach out to our Support Team and they can definitely help you with that.

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In that article, slave= scraper accounts. “Add some slave accounts” means you need to add your scraper accounts in Social Profiles tab.

I see you’re trying to use the classic method, i would suggest you use the tagname method instead, it’s much easier to set up.

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Not that specific conditions, except that you mustn’t use Use only EB option on scraper accounts. But if you are looking for more detailed instructions, it’s best to contact their support and they’ll explain everything to you.

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adding slave accounts is just like adding a normal account you can use the add profiles then click on add scraper or add a normal account, after that you need to verify the account by adding username and pass and make it valid, you can keep the default settings as they are just make sure to check these settings