Best software for TIk Tok growth

multiple accounts in the 50-100k range with appropriate views for that size

i can say also say that – screen shots of insights please. I want to see the fyp results.

which bot you use?

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Their bot detection systems are good? Lmao I’ve had no problems with botting yet but aight. Been trying it for 2 months on some alt accounts.

I know what I’m doing.

Yes I know one account can affect the others that are logged in, common sense, same as IG. Thanks for the random info.

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Still AutoTokker. The rest broke from the API change

somebody is mad…

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I for one, anyone can tell you LOVE botting. It was the foundation of my success – It is a tool to be used over and over. It is not the tool to use for TikTok. People talk about bots with 100k followers, many of them – not knowing its failing because it does not go on the fyp page and only seen by a small percentage of followers. ONE account – a real account can go into 500k range easily and be far more effective than 100 botted accounts. That one account can drive more traffic than any botted system.
Look at the people who say yeah I bot, I have hundreds of accounts – really? show me the proof it drives traffic to make money. Here, and even BHW we are still waiting for a cookie cutter approach to botting that actually makes any cold hard cash – even 2 years later there is no proof. If you folks have success botting, more power to you. Show the green.


It was easy to get accounts to blow up in the beginning, but it is getting more difficult by the day. That will continue to be the case, just normal economics of competition. Getting a bot to get you followers and views does not guarantee financial success on TikTok. You have to have strategy for that as well.

I won’t speak much. You said everything already when you contacted support.

Banned again. I can do this all day long.


I realized when I asked my question earlier, your botting – you can’t tell if your account is banned from the fyp – bot away – good luck. For me, it’s stupid to bot there, I get more results with reposting manually

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Yeah, that’s his main problem I guess.
Simple, calm approach to support and he would probably get his account back, but no, he decided to other way and exposed himself, you can see in my post above. Anyway, it’s a TikTok thread, I don’t wanna discuss that here.

Stay safe :slight_smile:


I still get on the fyp, but either way we are both doing well :money_mouth_face:

Always good to bounce ideas off eachother here :fist:


Hvala :rofl: Can’t stand that guy


Fuck it you probably right


nah, if your having success, go for it. keep on botting and create a new real one on a phone. The results will convince you.


I totally understand your approach.

In my case I bot Clients accounts, which 99% have awful content and probably never will go viral. Also it’s not easy to explain them how to properly work on Tik tok. I think boting on Tik tok is more for this kind of profiles which unfortunately are the majority.


Well banned. He was being hostile to almost every single person who mentioned TT as he was feeling he’s the TT guru of the year and treat everyone else like they were dumb :clown_face:.

Then played the victim card lol. Bye!


We are thinking exactly the same. Finally somebody that understands. It is just simple economics that not everyone is going to go viral and be famous. That is a small minority. Automation for everyone else


Do yall have suggestions for TikTok growth services or tips to start growing faster?