Best software for TIk Tok growth

Are you saying that no software is able to perform growth on tik tok?

Using autotokker personally

Agreed. I don’t think it helps get your videos on the for you page. Its just a way to build a fanbase in the background while you go for ‘home runs’. Thoughts?

if he doesn’t I will. NO software will get you growth on TikTok – content will. It is not insta


But it will give you followers, likes and views if you are not able to create viral content


I am not sure what @Alexnvo is talking about. It clearly grows your account in the same way IG bots grow your account. Lots of people having success

what software? please show me results.
the algo model of tiktok is not follower based.

today i tried:

  • instazood: not even able to log a tik tok account
  • : doesn’t work at all

tomorrow i will try autotokker and socialmasters but the problem is the cost is too high


Currently F/U isn’t really worth it on TikTok their algo favors Content with hashtags. If anything these softwares should work on a post scheduler for TikTok rather than trying to emulate IG ways of growth.


LOL give me 1 example please
I’ll be happy to see anything that resembles “results”.


We probably just have different definitions of ‘results’. At least for me, I am fine with thousands per month. I think you are looking more for an instant fame type situation maybe?

Instazood literally didn’t work at all? wtf

considering @customlogovideos has 18-20 million+ total followers on TikTok, I would say he has way different models


Yeah I agree 100%. He is crushing it


There are so many bot comments on tiktok already, but know idea what people are using

I am intrigued by this aswell

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As i understand we dont need f/uf bots we need schedule bots


I think both have value. I’ve gained thousands of active followers with F/uf on autotokker. You just have to target correctly

Learning a lot from this thread.
Any method suggested for picking what sources to target when using f/u method.

I’m new to botting on tik Tok but an experienced Instagram user. I have had luck with organic content growing, but not the botting side yet.

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they don’t talk about follower growth it’s about algorithm it’s not adapted for f/uf method like instagram it’s content based (completion rate,retention of the video,engagement…) yes it can help but not as much as on instagram