Best source to use on Jarvee to follow

Which sources do you use to follow account on Jarvee?

After to change my classic method (scrape user that follow my competitors and add them to the Follow specific user) my growth change in a super positive way, also if im still usign only the f/u method.

And the account showed on the screen its a super hard niche (software for a niche of professionist)

What do you think about that?

  • Follow user by hashtag search
  • Follow by username/name/bio
  • Follow followers/followings of target account
  • Follow followers of own followers
  • Follow followings of own followers
  • Follow Specific Users
  • Follow using Geo Location
  • Follow users that interacted with posts on target accounts
  • Follow users that interacted with posts on target posts
  • Follow users that tagged Specific Users
  • Follow suggested users
  • Follow own story viewers
  • Follow from Explore Page
  • Follow from Explore Shopping Page

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Sorry your english writing is abit hard to understand. Are you just targeting followers of your competitor?

The result looks great.

Did you use the tagname method before? I’m not sure why you changed it to the classic method.

Classic i mean scraper user whit scrapers account and add them to the source “follow specific user”

I changed it cause lack of follow back

Now im using only the Follow by hashtag search, i removed Only EB options to work also with the API; looks working atm

Actually no, only the Hashtag search

So you changed to hashtags and you scrape with jarvee?

I scrape the liked Hastag post that are close to my niche, i think this require to turn off the OEB and work also with the API, so keep them lower

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Yeah I use either followers or posts that people interacted with. But, I use jarvee instead of specific sources as jarvee can figure out the ER for each account.

I can have two very similar slaves and the same sources yet some will be high on one but not the other. Hence JV is great at figuring this out.

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How do you do that?

I like the results as well