Best strategy to (re-)gain followers engagment?

Hi everyone,

I’m new to this board and this is my very first topic created. So if this isn’t the right place (or not wanted around here), please let me know.

But back to topic. My account has about 4,5k followers and an engagement rate of about 12% at the moment (i was at 18-20% a month ago) and im posting landscape photography created by myself. I am noticing a decline of engagement of my followers since the last weeks. According to the insights provided I now am also reaching a lot less followers via “from Home”: This was about 1.200 - 2.000, it is now at 700 - 1.200. I did not change posting times and I feel like the quality of my posts is still on the same level.

Because of this I’m thinking of ways to regain the engagement of my followers. Here are a few first ideas I have come up with:

  • Scrape a list of all followers, manually like the latest posts of 100 of them
  • Start utilizing the “countdown” sticker in more “agressive” way to make people aware of new posts beforehand (I tend to get about 400 story views without hashtags)
  • Ask people to turn on post notifications (idk if anyone will be doing this at all)

Have you got any strategies or ideas on how to increase the engagement of your followers? I feel like im wasting so much potential right now…

Thanks for your help!

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Hy @Vikkars. Welcome to the forum. I suggest checking out the seach function before you open a new thread as most of the questions about instagram you ask yourself have allready been asked :nerd_face:

E.g.: Increasing Engagement @pow created a thread not lang ago

And with search function you will find much more :ok_hand:

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The reality is that Instagram is a bitch and want that you invest money in ads, for your business, visibility and engagement.

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Ah thanks! Seems like I did something wrong searching. The thread you linked is for sure very interesting.

One thing that has worked for me is go private, post a lot of stories that your followers can interact with like polls/sliders. Also do something where you encourage them to turn on post notifications and to like your posts when you post. Then put a quiz or something in your story. For all of the people who get the answer right send them a DM congratulating them for getting the right answer. Most times that will spark a conversation and leads to them commenting more on your posts. This also assumes that your posts are good (also, vertical posts get more engagement). Also, the reason why i recommend you go private is so that your brain focuses more on building engagement with your current followers rather than attract new ones (it’s easier to keep a customer than to find a new one). This is the short version, and in practice it takes lots of work, but if your page isn’t completely dead, it should help a little if done right


That’s good. I always stayed away from setting them to private, but I can see how it would force you to focus on the critical areas.

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Really useful input! Thank you for that!

This is a really useful tip. Thanks!