Best time to post on Instagram

Hi guys… I was wondering what is the best time to post product ads on your Instagram accounts to get the most click links?

Anyone has experience with that?

Thank you, cheers.

Try using some tools like (free) to analyze your data. They have a ‘best time of day’ chart.

This is best if you post several times per day, though. If you post the average 1-3 pics per day on your account, then it probably won’t be that helpful.

If you have your account tied to FB, you can get analytics which are also helpful.

Otherwise, try this :wink:

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The best time to post is when the majority of your followers are active.

Sorry for the short comment, but this is indeed a correct answer.

What you are looking for is what tools tell you the best time to post.

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I track by hashtags to see when the niche I am posting for generally posts.

You can also train your followers by only posting within a certain period of time every day.