Best time to START Client Managing! How to get 15 clients per MONTH!

For all newbies and maybe some of you who manage already 50-100 clients I would love to share a way
how to get 15 clients per month and what I do exactly. Many of you guys wonder how to get your first clients, maybe through instagram dms or write some start ups a mail? You can implement my way and get your first clients

Cold calling personal trainers from different citys:

You write it on google like: ‘personal trainer frankfurt’ and click on ‘more businesses’ and then you get
to a page with 10-20 lists and 10 personal trainers each list

Now you can begin with 10 calls per day ( like 1 hour )

A easy script is:

Hey, I came across your Instagram account through your website and wanted to introduce you to something cool in that regard.

I’m calling from a social media marketing agency specializing in personal training profiles in Instagram, do you have the basic interest that I briefly explain this to you?

In my experience 4 of ten say: Yes, explain me a little bit or make direct a meeting for another time

That means you have like 4 ‘salescalls’ where you can have another script how you qualify your potential customer and give them a free trial to test

When you make this every day you can enroll 2 people daily in your free trial and when you offer
some nice service 1 stay per day

In my experience it is better to have a more expensive service then a cheap one

When they ask how much we charge I told them, that our service saves them 4-5 hours daily and through our analytic systems our worktime is round about one hour daily and per hour we charge 10$

that means our monthly price is 300$

I make the experience that it comes better when I told them that we charge 10$ per hour because the 300$ does not sound like too much after this like it normaly is the case in my calls

One thing: cold calling is f’ckn annoying, especially if you get ‘rejected’ it feels in the beginning like
a punch in the face, but after some calls you realize that you actually start beginning to organize
meetings with them and when you do this 1-2 hours daily you have great results

Hope I could help someone :slight_smile:

(and sorry for the bad english, google translator is my mentor) :smiley:


Thank you for sharing ur golden nugget Daniel! :clinking_glasses:


love it bro, would like your comment but i reached the maximum likes today :palms_up_together:


Great job Daniel ! Salut :clinking_glasses:

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Hey !

Thank you a lot for the time you take for share with us this !

I have a quick question, maybe stupid, but let me try :

How do you give free trials , since we need to “warmup accounts” ?
How do you provide results during the trial ?

What kind of source do you select ? Ones from the customer, or searched ones ?

If you can explain us a bit more how we can give free trials !



I like your attitude and approach. This is what sales is all about: Be determined, set goals and make them measurable. Nice one!


Great guide man, thank you!

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@danielschkolnikow , thanks , you’re the Best.
Thanks a million for the share.

This is fire bro! :+1:t3:
The only part i am struggling with is how do i go further… I mean do i have to set up a contract or how i‘m explaining that i don‘t do a contract :man_shrugging:t4: :sweat_smile:

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Nice method sir! I really advice you guys to apply his method!

If you want good results, you have to stop email spamming companys…

Cold calling is the best way to aquire clients!!


I give a free month and tell the clients that the first week we try to find the best sources for them in that time and warm up our settings

I tell them that when it is in their interest they can give me some sources that they like and I find more in the same niche

5/10 stay after the month and when you can get 1 person daily in your free trial that are 15 :slight_smile:

but you have to put the work


Here in germany it is hard to make contracts, I can make contracts via zoom or skype but I have very bad experience with contracts, you can charge monthly what I do or when your service cost 200$ per month you can charge 1 time every half year like 1200$ and then they are a half your customer


thats 100% bro! :slight_smile:

have you had success with Zoom closing USA clients?

no bro, all my clients are from germany! :slight_smile:

great one bro thanks

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I have 150 clients which brought me the most sales?
Customer service !! It’s the most important thing.
I am available to them almost 24/7.
He replies very quickly to questions.
What does it give me?
It gives a 10% discount for the brought customer.
10% discount on your package, and it is a rebate until the customer lengthens.
How did I get the first customers?
I sent it myself! a more precise offer for their profile! I already went out with an offer what would I do on their profile! I’ve already given them an idea / offer to take.
Zero of the machine!
Each message, matched to the given profile :slight_smile:
It gave and gives this unimaginable effect :slight_smile: The customer feels pampered and not served by the bot :slight_smile:
He never sells through a message, he always has to give me a phone number to explain everything, he explains beautifully, because he wants to understand everything!
in 90% it always sells after 1 conversation.
I will not write what I say, because in every country you have to approach the client differently, it’s different with us, it’s different with you.
If anyone wants, I can tell.
It gives a guaranteed effect!
I am sorry for my language


Yes, tell :slight_smile:

thanks man, +1
but I don’t think that this is the best time to start client managing. The best time is already gone.


I think that this kind of justification of your price might be harmful for your business in the long run because you sell your time instead of the value you bring them.