Best Tutorials For Jarvee - Need To Learn As A Back Up

Hi Everyone,

I run an Instagram Growth Service as apart of my agencies list of digital services we sell. I run a white label through another person and all my eggs are in his basket. If something happens to him, I’m royally fucked and need to have a backup just in case, especially because I am serving 100+ clients.

From my understanding, I need to run it on a VPN and also get nice mobile tier proxies (from my research there’s a member on here that seems to be everyone’s source)

From there it’s just learning the program (correct) if so, does anyone have any recommendations of some resources to learn from on Youtube? I did my searching around through the threads and couldn’t pinpoint anything,.

Also, if anyone is willing to teach me the ropes / mentor me on how to set this all up, I will pay you and or consult you on how to build your business/brand online. Shoot me a PM. I have A LOT of value to share.

Thanks MP.


Jarvee has its own ig course now. I saw from an email.

And most settings and recommendations I use now are from this forum. I’d browse through and learn & implement as you go mate.

I don’t think you’ll be spoodfed so easily here lol.

Ask questions, contribute and you’ll be good in no time.

Thanks for the quick reply & feedback brotha - do you have a link to the jarvee course?