Best Twitter Automation Tool?


Is there any other tool other than jarvee which you guys use for twitter automation, i think jarvee has very limited features for twitter automation.


Twitter automation has been very difficult and they are very strict. I stopped it years ago.


For me its actually working pretty good from more than a year automating more than 45 accounts


Hey, are you using jarvee? I’m considering starting that today. If so, do you mind sharing settings?


And can you tell us how you are doing it?


im doing 400 likes, 380-400 follows, 400-500 unfollows


im using dc proxies , i just try to do good warmup on my accounts for 1-3 days i let my account to only follow like and follow 10-20 users


How can you do so many actions per day without getting your account suspended/blocked or shadowbanned? I can’t do more than around 90 follows & 90 unfollows daily without getting shadowbanned and being asked for verification.
Are you getting verification requests/blocks often?
And are you sure your accounts haven’t been shadowbanned? In case you didn’t know already, you can check if they’re shadowbanned here:
Also can you share what proxies do you use (from which provider) and how many Twitter accounts per proxy?


I agree. Jarvee does not seem the best for twitter!


yes i checked i didnt know that before yes some of my accounts are shadowbanned but i dont get very often asked for verification that happens just once in week only on few account , im using dc proxies


If an account is shadowbanned, any follows you perform won’t actually count as the users you’ve followed won’t see that you followed them - only you can see it - and so won’t follow you back.
So you should stop all actions (or stopping just follow/unfollow should work as well) for at least 24hours or so and then resume your actions again after you’ve confirmed you’re no longer shadowbanned.
Please check your PMs also as i’ve sent you a msg.


I know Somiibo is meant to work for twitter decently well.


yes its difficult but not as much as instagram automation now, you dont get regular block on twitter you just need to follow the limits


do you have any other tool you know? because i also noticed jarvee is not good for twitter when it comes to following users with hashtags


i will try it :slight_smile: thank you


No worries man.


Tweet deck is good one :slight_smile:


JV :stuck_out_tongue: 13chars


You can do more than 400 follows ? Before I can follow more than 800 and now I have block when I trying to follow more than 400


How can I know if my accounts are shadownbanned on TW and how can I know the shadowban is over?