Best Twitter Follow Settings To Achieve A Lot Of Followers Quickly


Just signed up - how do I use the system for follows - all I can see is these advise boards


Follow up to 70-80 relevant people daily. Unfollow non-followbacks every three days. Post 1-2 tweets and 1 retweet on a daily basis. This was my low-key method that was efficient (1000 followers in a little bit more than one month).


Didn’t want to open up a new topic on this but does anyone know what the “reset items with failed filters” in the extracted users tab does?

I’m having an issue with one of my twitter accounts not following. In the dashboard, it attempts to follow but then skips over the account because it didn’t pass a filter. It will literally skip over every single account for several operations. This results in it actually following only 50 or less people when it’s set to follow 300 - 400/day.

Are there that many dead Twitter users? Because my filters are pretty lax: Profile picture, tweeted within last 15 days, minimum characters in bio, no private accounts.

My only 2 twitter accounts have the same filters but the other one doesn’t have a problem following. Could it be my sources? If I change sources, should I delete all the extracted users in that tab so it can start over?