Best Twitter Follow Settings To Achieve A Lot Of Followers Quickly


I know this has been mentioned before, but could someone please share light on their Follow Settings that aim to increase their followers quickly?

same here can anyone guide ?

there isn’t any magic combination on that. Twitter is really restrictive if you try to grow up quicly. Believe me I fail a lot of times. My advice is go slow with twitter, try to be natural, don’t do actions all days and randomize a lot. New accounts can’t follow more than 50/80 people day of you will get phone verification all the time and after that BAN :frowning:

Hope that helps!

Is there anyone using MP to run multiple Twitter accounts and having success hitting limits? I don’t recall the last time I hit my follow limits, but nowadays, MP can follow only around 40 people a day. Any suggestions?

about 9 months ago, it was a free for all. I was following and unfollowing around 1,000 per day and growing like mad, now I can’t even favorite 200 hashtags a day. No wonder Twitter isn’t profitable…

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Hey @wortime. So you are saying Twitter is restricting our actions?

Yes, it’s widely known. The problem with Twitter (among other things) it was (and still is) full of bots. So they are limiting actions and keeping a close eye on things. They are trying to bring it back into a more “live” situation. So it’s best to increase settings slowly, have lots of “sleep” time and random breaks. At least in my experience.


Thanks for the clarification; much appreciated! I will try adding more sleep time and we’ll see if the situation improves.

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It may or may not affect your account. I am not sure what you are facing with Twitter. If your account has been active for a long time, then it is probably “normal” to Twitter, just like IG, and you might not have issues, but right now, any new account is like, 50 favorites a day, and aged accounts are balking at things. Just stick to safer settings and increase slowly.


Ah that might explain why my follower numbers are dropping, most of them did look like bots, eggs and obviously automated accounts

Is there anyone who is running a successful TW campaign that would like to share their settings?
I am at the edge of giving up TW entirely, since I cannot seem to find the soft spot that would allow me to follow more than 100-150 a day.

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I started a brand new twitter few days ago

Buy 1000 followers start following 300 to 350 a day no unfollows
Pva will come 1 or 2 times

Leave it a week up following by 100

Repeat till you get to 5000 start unfollowing and following and work up to 900 odd of each every day :smiley:


Ps done this lots it works with new or can push a bit faster with aged after the unitial Pva,'s

I’ve started about 5 accounts, all within the last month. I haven’t had any problems with getting pva or accounts disabled since I’ve set these up. Here are my numbers so far

Acct 1 - 1,072 followers
Acct 2 - 1,218 followers
Acct 3 - 789 followers
Acct 4 - 978 followers
Acct 5 - 896 followers

This is a screenshot of my current settings for the largest account. I worked up to this incrementally over about 3 weeks. Not sure if it’s optimal, but it’s working for me.


Thanks a lot for sharing this, @mntmp!
I’ll give them a shot and share my results here. But in case it works, I owe you big time!

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Also, just an fyi, My typical daily posting schedule is the following - (which I know is not optimal), but is what I’ve started out with

1 - original content post
1- curated content post
3 - retweets

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What would you consider slow settings for an account close to 1 year old?

@mntmp can you please also share your unfollow settings.

Do you run this settings for every day of the week?

@daverawcus - I’ve asked a few people this and am trying to get the best advice. I’m thinking of buying an account with 47K followers, BUT it’s following 40K. I’m not going to run MP on it. I just want to clear the following. I know age of the account is a factor among other things. Seems like unfollowing 40K people is a heavy task, potentially unsafe.

Any thoughts would be amazing!

Why do you want to clear the following?

can unfollow 800 to 1000 a day if you build up to it gradually

I would run it through twitteraudit a few times and check the result

also check number of retweets and likes for each tweet if your not seeing likes and retweets on every tweet i would be worried