Best Verification Phone Service for FB in 2017

Hi everyone,

Im using, to verify my FB accounts.
This works with chinese numbers.

Problem is every time I have to RE USE a number to rescue a blocked account this service is not abble to get a sms code from this number.
At the first months I was able to re use a number… but now… none of numbers can be re used.
Seems like they rent a box of phone numbers and after some time drop it in to the trash.

Is there a better service to verify numbers now a days?

Thanks a lot in advance brothers!


I would suggest you speedyverify. They have sales thread on our forum, they mostly do IG accounts verification, but I don’t see a reason why you can’t use them for FB. Procedure is the same

2 Likes - 0.1$ per verification. But you need to remove the number after verification, because they are virtual numbers.

I use them for a couple of months without any issues.

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